Hardwood Decking

Spotted Gum

Spotted gum, like a Jarrah or Blackbutt deck, is a good choice for bushfire prone areas. Spotted gum has a durability rating of 2, which makes it a good timber for a hardwood deck. Spotted gum  is often plantation grown in Australia, making it a good choice from an environmental standpoint. A spotted gum deck has greater colour variations than a Blackbutt deck, ranging from a pale brown to chocolate brown. Spotted gum is a dense timber that shrinks very little compared with other timbers. It has low tannin content, so doesn’t “bleed” like some native timbers do. Natural timber oil is recommended. If you like the look and feel of a hardwood deck,  a spotted gum deck will give you great pleasure every time you use it.


Blackbutt is another highly fire-resistant timber. An Australian native, Blackbutt has a lovely pale brown colour and unlike some other native species, the colour is fairly consistent. Blackbutt can be stained if desired. It can check (crack) if unsealed, so should be sealed as soon as possible and resealed periodically. As far as performance, Blackbutt is great to work with and very durable. It performs well in the Australian climate and doesn’t tend to warp and split.


In the past, Merbau was one of the most popular decking timbers and was even used to build house frames. It is still a popular decking timber and is less expensive than most other decking timbers.


Jarrah is a high density and extremely hardwearing hardwood. It ranges in colour from light pinks to deep reddish browns. It has an even texture and interlocking grain and reflects light to give great lustre and depth to its appearance, it is a beautiful decking wood.


If you want a deck that will last forever (or almost), then ironbark is what you’re looking for. The timber got its name because of its heaviness and high density.

It is a difficult timber to work with due to its density but has the highest possible durability rating of 1. Ironbark is a beautiful timber, with colours ranging from pale brown to deep red. Aside from being one of the most durable timbers, Ironbark is also highly fire, termite and rot resistant. If you’re looking for pool decking, Ironbark may be your best choice.

West Australian Karri

Karri is a high density and extremely hardwearing hardwood, which ranges in colours from light pinks to deep reddish browns. With an even texture and interlocking grain, Karri reflects light to give great lustre and depth to its appearance, while highlighting its natural characteristics. A Karri deck provides the ideal look for both modern and classic homes and is the perfect choice for large commercial projects. Treating the timber with a suitable oil or clear stain will allow Karri Decking to retain its lively red colour with overtones from pale pinks to rich reddish browns.


Rosewood is a natural wood that turns a beautiful light grey (almost white). It ‘silvers off’ quickly without splintering and requires little maintenance.


Pale yellowish to creamy grey appearance. Texture is fine and lustrous with an even grain. When freshly cut the timber has a leathery odour and is greasy to touch. It turns a beautiful light grey (almost white). It ‘silvers off’ quickly without splintering and requires little maintenance.


Ecco5000 is a unique recycled Australian made decking board. Made from plantation rubber trees, it is a very attractive board and comes with a 25-year warranty. It is a very stable timber and won’t move or warp which makes it great for our Sydney climate. It comes from the factory in either a brown or clear finish for you to add your own finishing touch to.


Kebony is a beautiful natural wood that weathers well and turns light grey within months. It holds its shape without warping and is highly suited to Sydney climate.

Recycled Northern Rivers

These recycled decking boards have been developed to accommodate those looking for both traditional and rustic decking. The decking boards are milled down from recycled timbers sourced from the demolition of old buildings such as houses, schools, warehouses and factories. From this, as new decking boards in creams, browns, reds, or mixed hardwood decking are produced and these and are routinely milled to an 85 x 19mm board. Also available is a less dressed and more rustic version such as the “Shearers’ Verandah” decking, with a wire brushed finish.

Recycled Railway Sleepers

Nothing says “recycled timber” quite like railway sleepers do. The holes from the railway spikes are characteristic of the timbers’ colourful past and the wide, robust boards command a bold and earthy respect. They are an exciting product with a huge scope for creativity and individualistic design. The use of railway sleepers for decking, screening or landscaping creates an unrivalled style of organic charm.

Recycled Ironwood

Ironwood Australia  mill and supply recycled, reclaimed and new Class 1 durability Australian hardwoods into a large range of standard and unique decking products. This decking range is suitable for residential, commercial and marine use. From backyard and pool decking, hotel and resorts through to bridge, wharf, jetties and boardwalks. These Australian hardwoods are  very durable and can be  oiled to enhance the beautiful colours and grains, or they can be left to silver and grey  for a low maintenance natural look.

Recycled park decking

Park decking is pre greyed decking sourced from reclaimed timbers in durable class 1 hardwoods.  It is sawn and face wire brushed for a distressed look.  Park deck also offers a greater slip resistance due to its wire brush finish. Peak decking is a wider decking board milled from class 1 durability species. These boards are dressed all round providing a sharp uniform finish. Iron decking is a hard-wearing deck that resists cupping and has a wire brushed face. It is suitable for home use (especially if you have pets) and commercially for harbour and wharf decking.

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