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At UrbanArch Building we believe your deck should be your sanctuary, a place to unwind and enjoy life. A deck should be a joy to look at and a pleasure to be on no matter what the season………and get better with age if designed, built and cared for correctly.

Our desire is to create stunning outdoor spaces that clients and their families will enjoy for many years. Building decks is our specialty and we take great pride in delivering decks that surpass your expectations.

UrbanArch Building is a leader in providing high quality, professional deck Designs. When it comes to visualising deck and surrounding areas we recognize that this can be a difficult task for most of us …..so we not only provide easy to read designs in full colour we also render our designs in 3D providing you with a realistic view of your completed project before any construction commences.  3D is an amazing tool which provides the confidence to us as designers and you as a client that we are all on the same page which is crucial for a successful construction process and of course an amazing end result.

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Why choose us ?

We are committed to our clients with exceptional levels of customer care and will build your deck the way it should be built. Our professional carpenters take great pride in their work and the quality and durability of your finished deck.

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