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Find out why Trex is unmatched in the composite market (termite-proof, rot-proof and indistinguishable from timber) with the experts at UrbanArch Building

Elegant Outdoor Living: Introducing TREX Decking in Sydney

Trex Composite decking is a revolutionary and eco-friendly alternative to traditional timber decking, designed to provide both durability and aesthetic appeal to outdoor spaces. It combines sustainability with superior performance, offering a versatile and beautiful choice for decking materials.

Trex decking is the most popular deck material in Australia

Are you looking for a durable and low maintenance decking option? Trex composite decking is the perfect solution. 

Trex deck boards wont, split, rot or warp, providing a lifetime of maintenence free enjoyment.

Trex decking requires minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for staining or sealing.

Made from recycled materials, Trex helps reduce the demand for virgin wood and minimizes plastic waste.

Trex decking provides a smooth surface that is splinter-free, ensuring a comfortable and safe outdoor experience for bare feet and hands.

trex decking

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About Trex Decking

The Trex Legacy

Trex revolutionised the outdoor living industry in the early 1990s by pioneering composite decking. They set the standard for quality and sustainability, becoming a market leader.

Trex’s eco-friendly decking materials reshaped the industry, and their legacy is one of innovation, pioneering spirit, and dedication to providing enduring solutions that blend the natural beauty of wood with modern materials.

Innovative Decking Solutions

  • Materials: advanced  materials that blend wood and recycled plastic to balance natural aesthetics, wood grain patterns  and enhanced durability are used.

  • Protective Caps: The decking boards incorporate protective caps,   providing resistance against moisture, fading, staining, and scratches, and ensuring a longer-lasting and low maintenance deck.

  • Diverse Styles and Colors: Trex offers an extensive range of styles and colours, allowing homeowners to find the perfect decking solution to match their design preferences and outdoor spaces.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: The company’s commitment to sustainability extends to its decking solutions, which use recycled materials and promote responsible environmental practices in the industry.
  • Innovation in Design: Trex continually pushes the boundaries of design innovation, creating decking options that combine functionality and beauty, keeping pace with evolving trends in outdoor living.

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Trex decking products rank as the world's top-selling brand in the industry.

Trex decking stands out as the foremost name in the composite decking industry, comprising approximately 40% of the global market share.

The decking boards have a unique cap that enhances their resistance to moisture, fading, and staining, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability in various weather conditions.

Their innovative cap also protects against scratches and daily wear and tear, making them an ideal choice for outdoor spaces that require both good looks and performance, year after year.

A trex Havana Gold deck board
A deck board with a polymer cap and recycled plastic and timber in the Havana Gold colour

Your Local Trex Decking Sydney Experts

UrbanArch Building are leading Decking Installers in Sydney. We favour Trex Composite Decking products because of the material’s unmatched advantages and how good the final product always looks. Whether you’re looking at building a new deck around your pool, restoring your existing deck around your property, or learning more about decking for a commercial building, working with the decking Sydney experts at UrbanArch Building will see you sorted.

As one of the leading installers for the Trex Composite Decking brand of  deck boards and accessories, UrbanArch Building gives you the advantages of market-leading composite material with the care and eye for detail of a local, family-run business.

We are passionate about creating beautiful outdoor living spaces that go beyond  traditional timber decks. Maintenance-free, with no exposed screws, stain resistant, high performance, environmentally friendly, and with deep natural timber palettes, a Trex Composite deck is the perfect solution for any Sydney property. We love installing this decking in Sydney – if you’d like to learn more about our decks and Trex products, contact the friendly team at UrbanArch today.

The Trex product range

The Transcend colour range is available in Australia. It debuted in 2010 and is available in 7 colours to complement any home, business, or outdoor space. It has become the most popular range of decking products in Australia.

Trex Transcend maintains its colours’ vibrancy and luxurious embossed finish for a warranted 25-year period – with very little, if any, maintenance.

Trex Transcend Colour options

Trex Tropical Colours

Island Mist – Havana Gold – Lava Rock – Spiced Rum – Tiki Torch

Trex Earth Colours

Rope Swing – Gravel Path

Trex Tropical Colour range

Trex Island Mist

Trex island Mist

Island Mist is a cool combination of relaxing silver tones, it has the weathered look of driftwood. Perfect for coastal properties or the modern, stylish home popular in Sydney today.

Trex Lava Rock

Trex lava rock

Featuring rich reddish-black undertones, Lava Rock decking boards look and feels like a magnificent redwood with a rich, warm palette of colours.

Trex Havana Gold

Trex havan Gold
Balustrade 20

An aspiring blend of caramel and honey hues,  Havana Gold is a warm brown color that looks like tropical teak and is perfectly suited to most Australian modern brick homes.

Trex Spiced Rum

Screen Shot 2018 12 16 at 10 05 53 AM pn
Trex Composite decking in the havana Gold colour

A deep brown with onyx black lowlights, Spiced Rum decking boards resemble the rich deep brown of Brazilian walnut timber.

Trex Tiki Torch

Screen Shot 2018 12 16 at 10 18 59 AM pn

Featuring hints of nutmeg and ginger, Tiki Torch is a cool light brown designed to imitate tropical teak.

Trex Earth Colours range

Trex Rope Swing

Trex Rope Swing

An understated, sandy mushroom colour, Rope Swing a cheerful color for an outdoor place to relax.

Trex Gravel Path

Trex Gravel Path

Like a rocky country lane, Gravel Path decking boards bring a pristine grey to any outdoor setting.

Trex Composite decking board types and fasteners

Grooved Boards

Trex grooved board

The grooved decking boards are a versatile solution for decking projects, offering a secure and efficient installation process. These boards feature precisely machined grooves along the sides, allowing for a hidden fastening system. This not only enhances the deck’s appearance by concealing screws but also ensures a smooth, splinter-free surface. Grooved boards are particularly popular for their ease of installation. They are an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts or professionals looking to streamline the deck-building process while maintaining a polished and sleek appearance.

Square Edge Boards

Trex square edge board

These decking boards lack the grooves found on their counterparts, making them ideal for surface fixing. Square edge boards offer a classic, unembellished appearance, perfect for achieving a clean, timeless deck design.  They can be used as breaker boards,  fascia boards or step treads.. They create a smooth blemish free deck surface with a natural wood grain pattern  when used with countersunk screws and colour-matched plugs.

Fascia Boards

Trex fascia board

The fascia boards serve a crucial role in deck construction by providing a polished finishing touch to the deck’s perimeter. These boards are designed to cover and protect the structural elements of the deck, such as the joists and framing. They offer a clean, seamless appearance, concealing the underlying structure and ensuring a cohesive, professional look. Trex fascia boards are available in various colours, allowing homeowners to coordinate them with their deck’s surface for a unified and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space

Trex decking fasteners

Trex hidden fasteners

trex decking hidden fastener

Trex Hidden Fasteners represent a crucial element in the evolution of modern deck construction, offering a seamless and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional visible fastening methods. These hidden fasteners are designed to discreetly secure deck boards without the need for exposed screws or nails. The system typically involves a set of specially crafted clips placed between deck boards, creating a clean, unblemished surface. Beyond the enhanced visual appeal, Trex Hidden Fasteners contribute to the overall structural integrity of the deck by promoting even spacing and minimising the risk of warping or cupping. This innovative fastening solution streamlines the installation process and ensures a smooth, barefoot-friendly deck surface

trex Island Mist decking
Trex Island Mist decking

Install Trex Composite Decking and avoid the problems that can come with a traditional timber deck 

Problems with cupping and cracking timber deck boards

Frequently Asked Questions

While a Trex deck is typically more expensive than a hardwood timber deck such as spotted gum (expect to pay 20% to 30% more for Trex deck boards than kiln-dried hardwood), the savings achieved by not having  to sand and oil the boards will be in the thousands of dollars each year.

A Trex deck board costs $29.07 a linear metre/$207.55 a square metre. Random length Spotted Gum deck boards are $18.37 a linear metre/$136 a square metre. Prices do change, so check with your local retailer for current prices.

Trex  decking is made up of 95% recycled materials, including:

  • Timber
  • Sawdust
  • Wood grain fillers
  • Everyday household items (toilet paper, newspapers, shopping bags etc.)

Trex decking boards are constructed with a protective shell with rich colours engineered into the design. This means no painting or staining and up to 25 years of stunning colour.

Trex has created products that stand the test of time, as well as the difficulty of aesthetic style, with a range of beautifully crafted products.

All composite and natural timber materials will absorb heat and get hot on scorching days, and Trex decking materials are no exception. Trex decking boards are generally a little hotter than timber – but you won’t be able to tell the difference on a hot day.

The darker the board’s colour, the more heat it will usually absorb. If your deck is in direct sunlight, you can choose a lighter colour, as darker-coloured boards will generally be hotter to the touch. Alternatively, if your deck has a pergola or awning over it, you can choose whatever colour you think best suits your area, as heating up won’t be an issue.

Trex decking materials are an excellent choice for a pool deck. Not only is a Trex deck suited to our harsh Australian climate, but Trex deck boards also easily handle the wet conditions around your pool.

It won’t rot or warp and will give you many years of hassle-free service. Wash your deck with warm water and a broom every month or so, and it will look just as sparkling and fresh as the day it was installed.

Trex uses especially designed patented clips – Hideaway Fasteners – that slide into the groove on the side of the deck board. The clip is screwed into the substructure, leaving a smooth, uncluttered look and feel to the top of the deck.

Trex deck boards are rated to BAL level 29

What are the disadvantages of Trex Composite Decking?
  1. Cost: Trex  Decking tends to be more expensive upfront than traditional wood decking. While it can be cost-effective over time due to low maintenance requirements, the initial investment can be a barrier for some homeowners.
  2. Heat Retention: Trex decking can become hot under direct sunlight, especially in warmer climates. This can make walking on bare feet uncomfortable and may require rugs or other coverings to mitigate the heat. If your deck does not have cover and is in direct sunlight, it’s a good idea to choose a lighter colour rather than a dark one. The new range – Trex Lineage has been engineered to be significantly cooler than most other composites available on the Australian market.
  3. Expansion and Contraction: Trex Transcend decking can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations like many othe materials. This may lead to slight gapping of boards over time. Proper installation and spacing by a professional installer will mitigate this issue so that your deck looks perfect all the time.

Click here to view a range of Trex Decking handrail accessories or alternatively,

All exterior building materials require cleaning. Generally, soap and water is all that is required to clean Transcend, Enhance and Select products. For further information, see below.

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Always Green

Trex Always Green
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Trex Transcend

Trex Transcend
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Clean Barbeque Chicken Off Deck

BBQ Deck
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Trex Scratch Test

Trex Scratch Test
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Trex Dent Resistance

Trex Dent Resistance
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How to clean your Trex deck

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