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 Composite Decking: The Smart Choice for Australian Homes

Advantages of Composite Decking

Extremely durable and long lasting
Eco friendly – incorporating many recycled materials
Available in a wide variety of sizes,  colours and textures
Easy to  maintain- no sanding or oiling of decking boards

Composite decking for a pool deck

Composite decking is fast becoming Australia’s favourite decking material

Designed to suit Australian conditions

25-50 year warranty

Excellent Durability in the Australian Climate

Easy to maintain

Composite deck

 Simple Installation

Install composite decking with specially designed hidden screws and fasteners

Composite decking installation is fast and straight forward leaving you with a smooth, flawless deck surface so that  you can enjoy the elegance and comfort  of your new outdoor living space.

Trex composite decking connector clip


Looks like traditional timber decking

Colours and styles to suit modern and traditional homes

The combination of wood grain warmth and a durable, high-tech surface in composite decking creates a sleek and modern appearance, giving you  an attractive and long-lasting outdoor design.

Millboard Composite decking in brushed basalt
Nexgen composite decking in Spotted gum


Composite decking boards are free from  cupping and warping

The boards are totally splinter free

With high slip ratings and a comfortable underfoot experience, composite decking is suitable for creating safe and enjoyable outdoor spaces, ideal for entertaining, relaxing in style, and enjoying leisurely moments with peace of mind.

Cupped and damages timber decking
Damage to natural decking timber
Composite decking using Millboard Golden Oak Enhanced Deck boards
Maintenence free composite decking not affected by damage

Our products

Capped WP (Wood plastic) composite

Trex Transcend

Trex Transcend Composite decking is a type of composite decking board that’s not only beautiful but also good for the environment. It’s made from 95% recycled materials, which helps reduce waste. Trex Transcend is capped with a tough outer layer and won’t fade or stain, making it easy to maintain. It comes in many colours and styles, making it perfect for homes and businesses. With Trex Transcend, you can turn your outdoor space into a stylish and relaxing place.

Trex is suitable for  commercial and residential construction and is the most popular deck board in the world. it’s as tough as nails.

Trex Composite decking
Some advantages of using Trex decking
Trex havan Gold

Safety and comfort

Won't splinter, warp or rot. Slip resistant

Trex island Mist

Low Maintenance

No Staining, sealing or sanding

Trex lava rock

Eco - friendly

Crafted from recycled materials like reclaimed wood and plastic film

Trex Warranty

Trex WP Composite offers a 25 year fade and stain warranty

Polyurethane and mineral stone

Millboard Enhanced and Weathered

Millboard composite decking  is the combination of timeless natural wood aesthetics with cutting-edge materials. This decking solution replicates the beauty of natural wood while being durable, sustainable, and low-maintenance. The deck boards are resistant to termites and environmental damage, and they will keep their wood-like appearance even after years of use. Millboard decking is a smart choice for anyone looking to outfit their outdoor spaces with an eco-friendly and long-lasting solution.
The installation system is the most straight forward of all the decking boards available in Australia.

Millboard composite decking
Some advantages of using Millboard decking

Realistic looking textured board

The most natural looking deck board available

Millboard Enhanced decking

Excellent Non slip charcteristics

The best Poolside deck board

Effortless Installation and Maintenance

Straightforward hidden head fastening

Millboard Warranty

Millboard offers a 25 year fade and stain warranty

Capped PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) composite

Timbertech AZEK

Timbertech Azek Capped PVC Composite decking is an excellent choice for building a deck. It looks great, is tough, and doesn’t require much maintenance. The deck boards are designed to be both beautiful and durable, with a protective cap that keeps them safe from the weather, stains, and fading. The deck also has a modern look that will impress anyone. You can choose from many different colours and board sizes, and it’s becoming more popular than traditional timber decking in Sydney and Australia. 

Timbertexg Azek Composite decking

Timbertech PVC offers a 50 year fade and stain warranty

Some commonly asked questions about composite decking

The life expectancy of a composite deck can vary depending on a number of factors, including the quality of the composite material, the level of maintenance, local climate conditions, the colours chosen, and how well it was installed. On average, you can expect a well-maintained composite deck to last between 25 to 30 years.

Composite decking is often considered a better choice for those who want a low-maintenance, durable, and long-lasting deck. On the other hand, timber decking is preferred by those who appreciate the natural look of wood, are willing to invest time in maintenance, or have a lower budget. The choice ultimately depends on your priorities, budget, and how much time and effort you will put into deck maintenance.

Composite decking boards tend to retain heat when exposed to direct sunlight, making it warm to the touch, though not as hot as other materials such as pavers, tiles and concrete. The degree of heat retention can vary based on brand, colour, composition, climate, and sun exposure. Darker-coloured composite decking boards absorb more heat and can become warmer than lighter-coloured ones. To lessen heat buildup and maintain comfort, you can choose PVC deck boards, lighter-coloured boards, create shade with pergolas or outdoor rugs, or take advantage of cooler times of the day. While not all composite decking may not stay exceptionally cool, it offers the benefits of low maintenance and durability, making it a popular choice for many homeowners.

Some key points to consider when choosing a composite deck board:

Material Composition: Examine the composition of the board, as it can affect performance. Look for composite decking boards made from high-quality, recycled materials and durable additives for longevity.

Colour and Texture: Select a deck board that complements your outdoor space. Many options are available in various colours and textures; choose one that suits your aesthetic preferences.

Warranty: Check the manufacturer’s warranty. A longer warranty often indicates confidence in the deck board’s durability and performance. Some warranties can extend from 25 to 50 years or more.

Resistance to Fading and Staining: Ensure the composite board is engineered to resist fading from UV exposure and staining from common outdoor substances like food, drinks, and mildew.

Board stability: Choose a brand and deck board that has a proven track record for its resistance to warping, cupping and splitting.

Price and Budget: Determine your budget and compare prices across composite decking boards and brands. While high-quality composite decking boards may be more expensive upfront, they often prove cost-effective over time due to their low maintenance requirements and extended lifespan.

Good quality composite decking is generally more expensive than traditional wood decking, but its long-term benefits make it more cost effective in the long run. When you remove the cost of sanding, acid washing and oiling that goes hand in hand with wood decking, composite decking is a much better option traditional timber decking over the long term. Add in its longer timespan compared to timber, and its an obvious better investment option.

Composite decking is known for its impressive resistance to fading. Unlike traditional wood decking that can lose its colour and vibrancy over time due to exposure to UV rays and weathering, composite decking is specifically designed to maintain its original appearance for the long term. 

The secret lies in using durable, colourfast materials, UV inhibitors and advanced manufacturing processes that ensure your deck won’t succumb to the same fading issues that can plague natural wood. While some minimal fading may occur over the years, it is far less noticeable than with traditional timber decks, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor space that looks fresh and vibrant.

Composite decking can become slippery when wet, although the degree of slipperiness can vary depending on the specific brand, surface texture, and whether or not mould or mildew is present. Many composite decking products are designed with textured surfaces to enhance traction and reduce the risk of slipping, and they are generally less slippery than timber decking. Proper maintenance and cleaning are crucial for retaining slip resistance.

When it comes to composite decking, there are many great options to choose from. Some of the top brands like Trex, Millboard, TimberTech, and Fiberon offer a variety of options to satisfy your preferences. Take into account factors like durability and aesthetics to help you make an informed decision. With a little research, you can find the perfect composite decking that aligns with your needs, budget, and local climate.

Composite decking in a nutshell

Easy to install

Trex composite decking connector clip

Won't cup or twist

Cupped timber that was not maintained properly

No deck oiling required

Oiling a timber deck

Please contact us for a full list of Composite deck boards that we recommend and install.

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