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Planning Your Deck

Planning Your Deck To Get The Best Outcome

The outdoor lifestyle is an essential part of Australian living. This can range from enjoying the company of family and friends to a quiet place for you to read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine. Whatever it is, a beautifully constructed outdoor living area that suits your needs and tastes is the perfect addition to any home. Taking some time to plan your deck and understand how it will enhance your lifestyle is well worth the effort.

Questions to ask yourself

Natural timber or composite?

A composite deck that needs very little maintenance, or a hardwood deck that needs regular re-oiling?

What style suits me and my home?

• Modern and contemporary?
• Classic and timeless?
• Something that will really sparkle (deck lights, balustrade, fire-pit, sunken lounge area, hammock points etc.

Have you thought about the styling?

What size furniture am I planning to have and where is it going to go?

Consider the height

How high off the ground is the deck and will I need to have a balustrade?

What will be the flow from my home to and around the deck?

Do I need steps and what is the best place for them?

How am I going to use my deck?

• Is it for barbecues, parties, somewhere to relax with a glass of wine?
• Have I got older children who want somewhere to chill-out?
• Will it need to accommodate kids and toys?

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1 thought on “Planning Your Deck”

  1. The deck should look like an extension to your house. If you do not have the skills necessary for designing a deck that blends well with your house, you should think about hiring a professional deck builder. A deck building expert will assist you with planning the design of a deck, determining which materials need to be used and a rough cost estimate of your project.

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