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Top-Quality Millboard Decking

Want a wood-look deck without the maintenance tasks and costs that come with using real timber?
Look no further than millboard decking. Our customers agree that our top-quality products mimic the appearance of timber decking – right down to the wood grain – that it’s near impossible to tell that it’s not the real thing.

Combining the aesthetic appeal of timber with the benefits of composite decking, this type is rising in popularity in NSW homes. Not only are they long lasting and resistant to termites, but they’re also environmentally friendly. Oh, and no painful splinters if you venture outside without footwear.

The Urban Arch Building catalogue includes a wide variety of timber alternatives with colourways and grain ranging from golden oak to deep-hued jarrah. We provide custom design services with extensive attention to detail to integrate your decking with your home, garden, or pool-side needs.
We also know that time and budgets are of the essence. At Urban Arch, we provide every customer with a fast, free quote and a detailed schedule of work once we get started. Call us on 0413 185 735 today to learn how we can help.

What makes this type of deck different from other materials?

Think all decking boards are timber? Think again.
While any number of options can provide a sturdy surface, the materials they’re made of are going to set them apart from one another, and fast. Many homeowners are drawn to the look (and comparably lower prices) of hardwood with rich wood grains and a variety of stains that can add plenty of design appeal. That is, until the weather starts to take its toll.
As a composite decking material, millboard is made from wood-free polyurethane combined with mineral stone. The result is a wood look without the wood maintenance and inevitable replacement that comes with it. After all, timber exposed to the elements is bound to wear down even with frequent painting, sealing, and termite protection.
Quite the opposite with millboard. No sanding, cleaning, oiling, refinishing needed – ever!

Not only is it a composite material, it’s actually more eco-friendly than other types of core and cap materials. That’s because it’s made with reclaimed and recycled materials. Rather than a wood or sawdust pressed core, millboard repurposes polyurethane materials, keeping them out of landfills.

The outer cap, or finish, also offers a lot of detail with molded polyurethane that is coloured and etched (or pressed) to create real-look wood grain. Not only does it look like timber, the surface also adds traction (preventing pool-side slips, for example).

Benefits of Installing Millboard Decking

How long is the installation process?

When it comes to installation, you’ll have no trouble working with the millboard. The materials are lightweight, making them easy to handle and move to the job site. Despite being a specialty product, no special tools or equipment are required. Stainless steel screws fasten the boards in place without a need for pre-drilling, which helps save even more time.
That said, exactly how long your deck takes to put in place will come down to how large it is and how complex your design is. If you have more intricate details like fascia, inlaid designs, or stairs and levels, the installation will take longer to complete. Projects typically take 5 or more days from start to completion.

Are there any warranties?

When it comes to this product, you can expect it to last. Most products will come with a manufacturer warranty that covers the boards from defects for up to 25-30 years. Professional installation and appropriate care can help your deck last even longer.

Aside from what the manufacturer offers, make sure you choose an installer that backs their work with a satisfaction or workmanship warranty, too. This can help you feel even more confident that your deck is in place to last.

How much does millboard decking cost?

Millboard is a premium material.

Superior to timber as far as durability and maintenance (as we mentioned above), millboard can also be superior to plastic-based decks when it comes to design. Many homeowners are drawn to millboard decking because of the wood-look design and grain not available with other composites.

The boards are priced out in terms of square metres of material needed. So the bigger the area, the higher the cost will be. The cost of materials averages between $263 to $331/m2. Then there’s installation. Across NSW, deck installation labor will cost between $200 to $210 per square meter.

Keep in mind that these are estimates only. A lot of variables go into pricing decks out accurately, from area to board sizes and finishes. To budget accurately, look for a provider that specialises in millboard and request a personalised quote.

Why Choose Urban Arch Building

Urban Arch provides only the best materials and service. We truly care about our customers and enjoy collaborating on custom projects that meet our clients’ goals and budgets. All our work is backed with an 8-year warranty so that you can be assured of the quality of our work for you.
Every project starts with a fast, free quote from an Urban Arch deck builder. We’ll help you find the best millboard style for your outdoor living space and create a design that shines. Request your quote online today or call us on 0413 185 735 to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions about Millboard Decking in Sydney

Will millboards get scratched by furniture or foot traffic?

This is a great advantage of the material – it’s virtually scratch resistant. The boards come with a surface protecting sealant already in place. This prevents scratches as well as staining and marking.

Does it really require zero maintenance?

Yes, really. Of course, this deck is outside and exposed to the wonders of nature. You’ll probably want to hose it down occasionally with water just to remove any dust, dirt, or debris that finds its way on your balcony. For more low-maintenance options, consider Trex decking.

Is this type of deck fire rated?

Yes. Millboard has a rating of BAL19 for Australian Standards. That said, you’ll want to take all safety precautions (just like with any other deck) and be sure to remove any embers if they touch the surface. Also, be sure to follow all local regulations for outdoor kitchens or patio heaters.

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