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Trex deck clips and fasteners

Trex deck clips are small plastic or metal components used to attach Trex deck boards to the joists of a deck. These clips are designed to create a hidden fastening system for Trex decking so that the screws or nails used to secure the deck boards are not visible on the deck’s surface.

Trex deck clips come in various styles and sizes, depending on the specific Trex decking product used. Trex Hideaway fasteners are designed to be used with grooved deck boards, while Cortex screws are a type of face screw designed to be hidden with a colour-matched plug. The plugs are made from the same material as the decking, blending seamlessly with the surface.

Using Trex deck clips can offer several advantages over traditional deck fastening methods. The hidden fastener system creates a cleaner, more streamlined appearance for the deck surface and can help to prevent trip hazards caused by raised screw or nail heads. Additionally, the clips allow for natural expansion and contraction of the deck boards, which can help to prevent warping and buckling over time.

Trex Universal fasteners

Trex composite decking connector clip
Trex Universal fasteners - also called Trex Hideaway Fasteners
Trex Universal fastener

Universal fasteners are clips that set the gap between the grooved deck boards. They are the main fixing component that attaches and holds two boards in place. They are inserted into the grooved side of a deck board, helping to secure it to an adjoining board. Using universal hidden fasteners makes for a deck with a smoother surface. Trex universal fasteners feature a stainless steel screw already set in the fixing for increased durability and easier installation. This is one of the quickest ways to install deck boards.

Trex Starter Clips

Trex Starter Clip
Trex Starter Clip

Trex starter clips are black, stainless steel fixings designed exclusively for Trex and used to install the perimeter deck boards. They help to firmly hold the first row of grooved Trex decking in place before securing the remaining boards with Trex Hideaway® hidden fasteners  to create a smoother, more beautiful installation.

Trex Colour Coded Screws

Colour matched Trex deck screws
Trex colour matched screws

Trex colour-matched screws are specially designed screws that are colour-coordinated to match the colour of Trex composite decking. These screws attach the deck boards to the joists and provide a secure, long-lasting hold.

The screws are available in various colours to match the different Trex decking products, including shades of brown, grey, and red. The screws are made from stainless steel to ensure they do not rust or corrode over time.
The screws are typically used with square-edge decking boards rather than grooved boards that require clips. They are designed with a star-drive head, which helps to prevent stripping during installation and provides a secure hold.
Using Trex colour-matched screws can help to create a more uniform appearance for the deck surface, as the screws blend in with the colour of the decking. This can create a more polished, professional look for the deck while providing a reliable and secure fastening method.

Trex Colour Coded plugs

Colour coded plugs for hidden fixing
Colour coded plugs for hidden fixing of Trex deck boards

Trex colour-coded plugs are small plastic plugs designed to cover the screw heads on a deck surface. These plugs are colour-coordinated to match the colour of the decking boards and the screws used to fasten the boards to the joists.

The plugs are typically used with decking boards fastened with a countersunk screw and a pre-drilled hole. After the screw is driven into the board, the plug is tapped into place over the screw head, filling the hole and providing a seamless, finished look to the deck surface.

Starborn decking colour-coded plugs are available in a range of colors to match the various decking products available, including shades of brown, gray, and red. The plugs are made from a durable, weather-resistant material, ensuring they can withstand exposure to the elements over time.

Using colour-coded plugs can create a more uniform, polished look for a deck surface, as the plugs blend in with the colour of the decking. This can help to create a more attractive, professional-looking deck surface.

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