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High Quality Deck Builders in Sydney

Stuck between a timber deck or innovative composite boards? As Sydney’s leading deck builders, we’ve helped thousands of families solve this problem and enjoy a deck that’s durable, dynamic, and enhances their quality of life – and we’re here to help you do the same.

Rated as Sydney’s #1 deck builders, the team at Urban Arch Building has over 12 years of experience building custom, one-of-a-kind decks for homeowners all over Sydney. 

We specialise in custom-built timber and composite decks, with all decking projects high-quality, visually stunning, and delivered on time. What’s more, we put our heart and soul into our work. As a father-son team, we know how important your home is to you, and we know that having the perfect decking is part of providing a welcoming, inviting space for your family and loved ones. 

So let’s start working out your ideal decking product.

What Are My Decking Options?

Composite Decking 

Timber Decking 

A popular timber alternative, composite decking offers all the beauty of hardwood without the maintenance. 

The result? A low-maintenance, beautiful deck that stands the test of time.

✔ Less maintenance required than timber

✔ Wide range of colours and shades to choose from

✔ Support the environment through recycled materials

✔ Protected against scratching, fading, staining and mould

✔ No splinters, warping, twisting or splitting

✔ Termite-resistant and rot-proof 


We’re proud to offer a range of timber decking options and styles, all custom-built to suit your needs and complement your lifestyle.

Affordable, elegant and guaranteed to turn heads – that’s the timber benefit.

✔ Stunning visual appeal

✔ Increase the value of your home 

✔ Practical year-round use 

✔ High structural integrity 

✔ Long lasting strength & durability 

✔ Ideal materials for the Australian climate

✔ Connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces


Why Choose Urban Arch Building?

As a close-knit father and son team, we’re passionate about our craft and the role we play in improving your quality of life. While other Sydney companies see decks as a home improvement project, we see a new deck as a life improvement project.

We take great pride in making sure that our customers (that’s you!) have the perfect deck for their home and their needs. That means we ensure that:

  • We’ll exceed expectations in craftsmanship
  • Your deck will be crafted with the ultimate attention to detail 
  • Your project will be completed on time and on budget
  • Your project will be custom designed to meet your needs
  • Our customer service team will always be available as soon as possible

With over 14 years of experience, we’ve got a rich history of helping Sydney families unlock the potential of their outdoor space, at a price that works for them. Let’s chat about how we can do the same for you

Explore Our Timber Decks



Jarrah comes in a variety of striking colours and rich tones from salmon pink to reddish brown. 15% more dense than oak, jarrah is fire-resistant and highly durable.

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Spotted Gum

1 of 7 hardwoods recommended for bushfire prone areas, spotted gum is highly durable, sustainably sourced, and comes in a range of eye-catching earthy tones.

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True to its name, ironbark is a dense and heavy hardwood that offers leading durability with a truly magnificent finish. Resistant to termites, rot and fire.

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Highly fire-resistant, blackbutt is growing in popularity thanks to its durability and willingness to accept polish and stain without issue.

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An affordable hardwood, stringybark has a fine texture and offers naturally termite-resistant qualitie. Expect gorgeous swirling patterns of red, white, yellow and more.

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Merbau presents a unique beauty with an enticing orange and gold finish. Easy to work with and cost-effective, Merbau decks are highly resistant to weathering.

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Explore Our Composite Decks

Looking for the aesthetic beauty of timber without the added maintenance? Composite decking provides a timber-alternative that replicates the rustic beauty of hardwood materials, without the annual maintenance. That means no staining. No oiling. No painting.

Click here to explore our composite decking services

We’ve also partnered with Trex Deck, the industry-leading timber alternative, to deliver a market-leading decking option that’s rot-proof, termite-proof, maintenance-free, fade-resistant, and available in over 20 colours.

Click here to explore our Trex Deck service

Frequently Asked Questions About Deck Builders in Sydney

Does decking need a foundation?

Yes, decks do need to be built on a foundation. The type of foundation will depend on whether you choose a ground-level deck or an elevated deck. For ground level, for example, the foundation should consist of wood chips, stone pebbles, or gravel. For an elevated deck, the foundation should include concrete pads or posts. 

Do you offer any warranties?

At Urban Arch building, we offer an 8 year unlimited warranty on all our work. You can find more information about our offerings and service standards here. 

How thick should the decking be?

For a timber deck, the dimensions should be 2.5- 3.17 cm thick. This not only helps ensure the strength of the deck but also largely determines its durability over time. 

Will plants grow under my deck?

No. Decks are generally installed with a weed barrier fabric underneath, along with the gravel or other materials. This can prevent plants from growing under your deck and damaging its structural integrity. 

Do you need permits to build a deck?

Yes, most decks do require a permit because of their size and construction requirements. 

It’s always best to get the right permits in order to remain in compliance with local regulations. To know your exact permit requirements, we recommend that you get in touch with your council and find out if there are any regulations surrounding the height, size and type of deck you build, as well as the materials used and how it’s built.

If you’re looking for high-quality decking near Sydney, give us a call on 0413 185 735 or email us with your enquiry by filling in the form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Urbanarch Building

Quality Materials


We understand you are investing your hard-earned funds - so we invest our skill, patience, and energy to deliver your finished vision using quality materials - not second-hand or auction sourced.

Competitive Pricing

On-Time & Within Budget

We arrive on time, and we will stick to the budget agreed upon. You’ll receive a schedule of work, explaining what is happening and when.

Quality Workmanship

Attention to Detail

We do the job the way it is supposed to be done - no shortcuts and we pay attention to the small details - every single time!

Family Owned

Family Owned

We are a locally and family-owned business. That means, we know exactly what every home and business owner deserves.

Custom Design

Custom Design

We offer a custom design service and if you want something a little or a lot different - we can help you out.

Peace of Mind

We Genuinely Care

We genuinely care and we are committed to our clients with exceptional levels of customer care.



We are fast and responsive. If you ring us, we will answer you straight away.

Personalised Services


You are our client - we will always look after you.

Benefits Of Choosing Urbanarch Building
12 Years Of Experience
12 Years Of Experience
8 Years Warranty
8 Years Warranty
Family Owned and Operated
Family Owned & Operated
Personalized Services
Personalized Services
Excellent Local Reputation
Excellent Local Reputation
Exquisite Timber Products
Exquisite Timber Products
Fast and FREE Quotes
Fast and FREE Quotes
On Time Within Budget Project Completion
On-Time, Within-Budget Project Completion
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

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