Design process

UrbanArch Building is a leader in providing high quality, professional deck Designs. When it comes to visualising a deck and the surrounding areas we recognize that this can be a difficult task for most of us … not only do we provide easy to read designs in full colour, we also render our designs in 3D. This provides you with a realistic view of your completed project before any construction commences.  3D is an amazing tool which provides the confidence to us as designers and you as a client that we are all on the same page which is crucial for a successful construction process and of course, an amazing end result.

The Deck Design process is typically developed over 2 stages.

1. Concept design development
2. Detailed drawings for construction & building approval if required

Below is a typical process outline. Each and every project is different and may require only one or more of the design stages for construction to commence. This is mainly due to project location and the scope of works.

Stage 1
Consultation to discuss deck options, materials and colours.
High resolution 3D render images & fly around video
Client meeting for design approval or changes

Stage 2
Drawings for client  approval
Deck Master Plan
Construction Set out Plan
Sections, Elevations & Details
Lighting Plan

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