Steps and stairs

Steps are a good way to transition from your deck to the other sections of your yard or entertaining areas. Longer runs of steps add a real touch of elegance to your finished project. Wider steps can be useful for older family members and young children. If your deck is quite high from the ground, you will probably need to install a staircase to provide easy access.


a small step leading to a footpath
A small set of steps
A long set of extra wide steps
Steps leading down to the garden
Steps leading to a lower garden
Steps linking the deck to a barbeque area under the deck
Steps linking the upper deck to the pool area
Stainless steel wire staicase
Staicase linking lower and upper decks
Patio steps
A nice entry to the patio
Steps lup to the pool gate
Steps up to the pool gate
A long run of merbau steps

Steps and stairs are the perfect way to transition your deck to other areas of the property.  A set of custom stairs designed and built by UrbanArch can add a touch of style, while still serving that functional purpose of allowing the seamless movement of foot traffic.

As custom stair builders, we understand that no two projects are the same.  For example, longer runs of steps add a true elegance, while wider steps can be useful for older family members and young children, whose focus is on functionality rather than sophistication in design. 

The difference that the right custom built steps and stairs can make to the appearance of a space is mind blowing, not to mention what they can do to the final valuation of your property.

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